Honeymoon Day 1: Umah Joglo Bali

Finally the day has come. We’ve been waiting for so long for this day to come since wedding preparation. We are secretly more excited about our honeymoon than the reception because *ahem* reasons.

We take the best airline in the country (Garuda Indonesia) from Yogyakarta to Denpasar. When we arrive, we find out that Uber is prohibited around airport area (just like any other airport areas in Indonesia) so we have to take taxi to our villa. The name of our villa is Umah Joglo Bali. Although it doesn’t have a big banner name, it is not difficult to find. The staff who welcomed us was so friendly and he offered us watermelon juice as welcome drinks.

Villa Umah Joglo is definitely a perfect place for couples. They only have two villas in total but each is featured with one private pool, an outdoor kitchen with a fridge, stove plus eating and cooking utensils, a big bedroom inside with the bed in the center facing a huge TV monitor. They have an outdoor bathtub at the back apart from the shower with cool minimalistic design. The place is so secluded and private.

Not only the building itself that leaves us in awe, the location is great too! It is located just right outside the city so they have the tranquility ambience and perfect quietness that we can enjoy, but it’s close enough to the city so we can get food easily.

Right after we set foot in our villa room, I immediately sneak under the blanket and close my eyes. Jacky, the understanding husband that he is, go out to the city and find food. He takes Go Jek to buy chips, butter, and chicken nuggets to fry (we both can’t really cook and are extremely hungry). He also remembers to get lime, salt and shot glasses – we bring tequila from Solo (cheers!). When I open my eyes, I can see that food has been served and we enjoy the white rice + chicken nuggets + chips meal by the pool. The weather is breezy and a little bit cloudy.

Once we finish eating, we went outside to Seminyak by taking Uber and walk around the city. We come to this lovely cafe by the name of The Fat Turtle and we have red velvet pancakes and brioche french toast. Both: amazing. The portion is bigger than we expect and this cause us to not want to eat in some fancy restaurant we had our mind on. We walk around some more, looking at small fancy shops along the way, get tired walking and go home.

Unlike our usual trip itinerary, this time we don’t try to squeeze so many activities into one day – we want to really enjoy the companionship that is the two of us while basking in the sweet little villa that we rent. After all, it is our honeymoon trip. At night, we swim in the private pool and realize it’s damn cold so we move to the bathtub filled with warm water and bath foam. It feels magical and super relaxing. Every muscle loosens up and our breathing synchronize in a slow steady rhythm. We burn our favorite sandalwood incense to add the romantic atmosphere of the night.


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