Honeymoon Day 2 : Waterbom Bali

After enjoying the first day in the villa, we need to go “out there” so we go to Waterbom Bali in Seminyak beach. It is supposedly the number 2 top water park in the world and number 1 top water park in Asia according to Tripadvisor 2016. We researched the admission ticket online and found out that the price is rather pricey. Then we decide to take a look the price on the spot.

When we reach the place and see the price, it is $10 more expensive than the price online. Therefore, we quickly reserve the ticket online and luckily, the process is pretty fast and we can enter the water park before noon. What we like from Waterbom is that they have a waterproof wrist band embedded with chip to store your digital money. You can deposit some money in it so later on you can buy food, get photos, rent locker and do any transaction inside the park using this wrist band. This way, people don’t have to carry cash when they’re having fun in the water.

There are so many rides on this water park, and following Jacky’s guide we start from the most extreme. But as we walk to the site, there’s actually a writing on a rock saying that we should start from the more mellow rides and build our excitement to the more extreme ones. Heh, so I plead with Jacky to start from the second most extreme rides instead. Waterbom has this famous ride (Smash Down 2.0) where you stand from 25.9 m above ground and step into a capsule, then the staff will press a button to open the foothold where you stand on so you will plummet to the ground and slide in the end. This ride is hands down scarily exciting! We end up taking this ride 2 more times after we finish everything else. This ride is actually a level 2 version of its predecessor – Climax.

As a heads-up, they don’t allow you to wear any jeans material on the slides and no cameras too. So I have to take off my jeans shorts and go on with my bikini while Jacky needs to put back our GoPro camera in the locker.

Another exciting one is the Twin Racers – two same slides standing side by side and you get to go together with your friend to “race”. It’s basically a simple spin slide with a sudden drop down, but you will go face forward into the slide with a help of a sliding mat. This on is super fun because you get to experience it with your head first and not feet first like other slides. Then, because you start this slide at the same time as your friend on the slide beside it, you will see who gets to slide the furthest or reach the “finish line” first.

Boomerang is another ride where you get into a big tube with another person and you will be dropped down so fast that while you’re screaming, you’re already being brought up on a wide half pipe with the feeling that you’re almost being rocketed to the sky. This is even better for people with bigger body mass because you can get swept further up, thus more thrill.

Having tried everything, we can fairly say that those three are our favorites. And when it’s noon, it’s time to replenish our energy so we eat. Waterbom has quite a number of places to eat with many varieties too. We decided to go with Pizza from the Shack and some burgers from Wantilan Food Court. Both are okay considering that this is inside the water park and that we are very hungry at that moment. After we eat, we don’t want to have a stomachache so we unwind in the Lazy River. The flow is quite relaxing and the route has some occasional spray and sprits of water to our body. Though in some spots, the water falls from an above bridge and our tube get stuck in the current.

There is a cool great attraction that we really want to try, the Flowrider. But to get on this attraction you have to queue and pay IDR 125.000/30 min/session/person or IDR 200.000/1 hour/session/person. We decided not to go on with this one and probably when we come back to Bali someday, we can get a real surfing lesson on the beach. We watch some people attempting the Flowrider with the staff around them and it looks like so much fun. One of the staff can do so many stunts with the surfing board and it’s just so entertaining.

After that, we continue our fun by repeating some of our favorite rides and we end the day with basking in their main pool and do nothing. Feeling satisfied with Waterbom, we take a shower and change our clothes, return the wrist band and get our deposit money back.

Out from Waterbom, we go straight across the street where there is Discovery Shopping Mall. I can’t resist the temptation from Sephora and it was having a 20% discount storewide celebrating Thanksgiving. I buy their Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss just because it’s so darn cute and gives a very nice color and smell too.

We continue the afternoon strolling around Kuta and have a massage. The massage was only so-so and I already forgot the name of the place. Then Jacky bought a pair of basic flip flop sandals from Fipper and it costs IDR65.000. We walk around some more and have dinner at Bubba Gump where apparently Jacky knows nothing about. We enjoy their prawns and talk about the movie itself. We then go back to our villa, with our stomach full and hearts warm.


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