Honeymoon Day 3: Potato Head and Shisha

Reaching the third day of our honeymoon, we’re really liking it in Umah Joglo Bali. We like to just lay down by the pool and do nothing, or snuggle up on our bed watching TV while eating chips and chicken nuggets.

It was in the afternoon that we decided that we want to go to this hip happening place called the Potato Head. This place is very famous for its uniquely designed interior with many vintage style windows spread out to make a nice looking wall. Not only that, this place is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. The sun usually sets at about 6 pm in local time. We made a reservation beforehand for 5 pm but we missed it and we only managed to get there by almost 6 pm. It’s not too late yet for the sunset viewing but our reserved seat has been taken by someone else.

The staff there are nice enough to offer us a table and they let us know once the sofa seat is available. It’s best to watch the sunset from the sofa seat but we could not complain for it’s our own fault for coming late lol.

We ordered some food and enjoy the sunset from our table which is perfectly angled to watch the skyline. The photo up there was taken from our table but it doesn’t do justice to what I’m really seeing there. The sky is magnificent and the atmosphere is so relaxed and chill. Really a perfect place to spend away the afternoon with your loved ones here.

The sky, though cloudy, is gradually turning from bright yellowish white to a warm reddish orange masterpiece. The whole process is just amazing, many people keep this phenomenon by recording it on their phone. I would do the same but I prefer enjoying this live while leaning my head on Jacky’s shoulder. The sky is now into a more darker shade or red and soon to be grayish blue. The night has taken over. The wind blows more freely.

After we finish our meals, we are told that our sofa is ready and we move there. We ordered some cocktails; I ordered some rum with banana and cinnamon while Jacky had a tequila fusion neatly contained in a cute traditional pot. We chat the night away, tell stories, talk about some random guy next to our sofa. Then it rains.

As you can see from the photo that the sofa area is very outdoor and though the staff open up the big-ass umbrella above us, rain water still finds a way to wet our skin. Feeling like we have spent enough time in Potato Head, we decide that it’s time to leave that magical place. In one of our conversations, Jacky asks me if I ever try smoking and I say no. He asks, “Not even Shisha?”. I shake my head. So that’s where we’re heading now. We Google a good place to have Shisha and try to find taxi.

If you’re familiar with the situation in Indonesia especially Bali, you would know that Uber is kinda forbidden in touristy places because it rises a tight competition with the local taxi drivers. We have to walk quite a bit to a more quiet place and get an Uber there. Unfortunately, there’s still no Uber to be found and we’re rather wet from the rain so we called the taxi that’s passing by.

We tell the taxi driver to some Shisha place but then he tells us that that place is not good and far away from where we are. Apparently, he has quite an experience in taking tourists to Shisha place and recommends us to some place that people like. We go with one of the options and hope for the best.

This place, Shisha Cafe, has an Arabian ambience and decor which brings something to my excitement in trying my first Shisha. We get in and a waitress greets us with a friendly smile. She even has an Arabian costume on. As a Shisha virgin, I know nothing about this except that they have many fruity flavors. The waitress suggested we take the on-promo big Shisha with tropical fruit flavors and we go along with that. We also order some drinks: vanilla milkshake for me (yep, so much for trying to look cool with a Shisha) and Jacky orders something with mixed watermelon and some orange thing in it – can’t remember – don’t really care cos my milkshake is killing it. Together with our tower tutti fruity Shisha, this all costs us Rp420.000. I think it’s worth the price considering they offer us a belly dance performances too (I’d wanna say in every 15 minutes?).

The service was good, the Shisha especially was great and the ambience is just top notch. I will always remember this because it’s my first time having a Shisha and the first time for Jacky to have a real decent Shisha too. It’s always exciting to try out something new. We inhale too little at first and nothing happens, then the second time we try inhaling much harder that we choke on the vapor. And when it hits your throat too hard, it’s gonna feel itchy and prickling like all the moisture on your throat has been dried out.

Three time’s a charm. We finally learn to be cool like everybody else and we can eventually enjoy the taste of the Shisha. It’s sweet with funny vapor-flavor in my mouth and when I blow it out it’s kinda drying the throat again. After we get used to it and relax on the couch, it starts to get onto me. I am feeling a little bit dizzy and nauseous. I don’t know if it’s from the Shisha itself or from the other customers who are smoking real cigarettes indoor. The whole room is full with smokes and vapors it looks hazy. I drink a lot of my milkshake and go to the bathroom. When I come back, I hope that my dizziness would be gone but I am wrong. Heh, I guess I just can’t enjoy it for too long but it doesn’t mean that I will never have Shisha again. I assume that it’s either because I have it for too much or just because of the cigarettes smokes around me.

We go home and rest the night away.


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