Honeymoon Day 6: The Villas at Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

This day, we have to migrate back to the southern part of the island, to the more urban region of Bali where we have a hotel reservation at The Villas at Ayana Resort and Spa Bali (this place is crazy exciting!). Knowing that, we do not plan too much activities in the morning.

We get on an Uber and head for downtown Ubud. We walk around for a bit and go to the traditional art market. This so-called art market is more like a market full of souvenirs for tourists but hey the items there are quite cute. We walk pass by a stand that sells rattan woven bags and I get interested. I ask for the price which turns out to be rather pricey for an open air market price so I bargain for it. I get to hasty and end up with a deal that’s not really good I think. It’s just an OK price for a small bag but I like it.

In about half an hour, we circle round the market and look at many items including cutleries and containers made from pearly shining shells, a lot of beer branded T-shirts, handmade jewelries and more. No more to buy, we walk towards a cafe for our lunch called Seniman Coffee. We’re not really big fans of coffee but many people have been saying that this place is great so we go for it.

This place is not only a cafe but apparently also a workshop. They do a lot of recycle from used glass bottles and they make handmade soaps. The glass items are exceptionally good but it’s just gonna be a burden to carry such large fragile items back to our hometown. While the handmade soaps are not really up to my taste so I don’t get anything from there.

We order some coffee and it tastes just so-so, pardon us if we can’t really appreciate coffee. However, I am happy to find that many places in Bali have business that is backed with a solid cause or concept like this one. Also, the place is great, it has this cute little balcony facing the street that’s just perfect for sipping coffee and enjoying that afternoon breeze.

Continuing the day, we move to the Jimbaran (the southern part of Bali) to our most awaited hotel of all time – The Villas at Ayana Resort and Spa Bali. Our Uber driver is a young local guy telling us how difficult it is to drive Uber in Bali because many taxi drivers are protesting against. The protest is just like any usual protest about Uber, how Uber drivers are stealing the local taxi drivers’ job and they should be banned. One argument made by the protester is that local taxi drivers consist of mainly older men while Uber drivers are more for the youngsters who can understand technology easily. Then the protester continues with how he thinks that these young Uber drivers are only driving to get money for fun, to get booze or maybe to buy useless items. The older ones, on the other hand, are driving to earn money for their family. It is like a never-ending debate since everybody always has the last word to counter the other side argument.

Anyway, finally we arrived at Ayana. It has a huge complex in Jimbaran, it’s about 90 hectares in total. There are Ayana Rimba, Ayana Resort and Spa, and the biggest is The Villas where we stay. Firstly, the Uber driver drops us off in the wrong lobby (it’s the Rimba one). To be honest, the whole complex could use a better and clearer (probably bigger) signs as to where each building is located. Also, some of us may not know that there are 3 different hotel buildings in the complex. Then the friendly bellboy at Rimba gives us a ride in a caddy to another lobby. This other lobby is still not the correct one, apparently! Because we are now at Ayana Resort and Spa lobby lol. However, it is possible to check in here and the receptionist processes away our reservation. We are then directed to the correct area which is The Villas. This is where the magic happens because my oh my the whole thing is so beautiful and serene altogether.

To get to our villa, we enter a private gate and it has a lock from inside. There is a yard just inside our villa. A beautiful swimming pool with water statues facing the ocean view is waiting for us to bask ourselves under the sun (or the stars too!). We can swim whenever we want while drinking alcohol in the swimming pool. The villa has a living room, a bathroom, a closet, a make up room and a wonderful bathroom with majestic bathtub. We spend the rest of the day by having fun inside our villa and the resort. Extra note: the toilet has this automatic opening tab whenever you open the door. And like the ones in Japan, this one, too, has many buttons with various functions. Not used to this advanced technology, we get pretty excited haha.

We have dinner at Mamasan Bali which we book 4 days before because the place is always full. We take Uber to go there. It has great atmosphere inside and the food is also great. We have curry pork rib which is really juicy and tasty and a delicious pad thai. Though if I have to be really honest, I probably have too high expectation because of their regulations (about the advanced booking and formal dress code to adhere). Finally, we head back to our villa and enjoy the rest of the night together, cuddling.


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