Honeymoon Day 7: A Whole Day in Villa Paradise

We wake up in the morning with joy and peace. We have our butler to take us around the complex. He shows us the restaurant by the cliff, the local food restaurant, western food restaurant, kids swimming area, swimming pool in Rock Bar Cafe, and many other great facilities. The weather is nice and the butler is friendly. Everything is just perfect (or is it because we are in our honeymoon?).

We have lunch at Sami Sami restaurant which serves western food. We choose this only because we are actually considered local (Indonesians) so when in high class hotel, surely we will pick anything but local. After lunch, we take an elevator down to Rock Bar Cafe but it’s not open yet until later at 6pm. We plan to have dinner there because the place is just really breath-taking. And because we stay in The Villas, we get to seat at the VIP area which is literally like a tower above the cliff and the DJ is gonna play music from right there too.

While waiting for dinner time, we leisure away in our villa again. We have tequila shots in the afternoon, eat some bananas and other complimentary tropical fruits, and we swim in the pool. The day is moving really fast and suddenly the sun is set; it’s time to go to the Rock Bar Cafe for dinner.

The butler takes us to the Rock Bar Cafe and it has a really long queue already. Luckily since we stay in The Villas, we are priorities in the line. A waiter takes us to our table. We are seated in a a table for two but Jacky’s view is not facing the ocean and we are a little bit disappointed. We ask the waitress if we can be assigned to another table. The nice lady tells us to wait a moment and she makes an arrangement for us to seat in a sofa table facing the vast ocean. The breeze is amazing. Our neighboring table is a group of Chinese man with red faces from too much beer. They seem to have fun. We observe them for some time and wonder who they are like.


We see that the Chinese group is having a pretty cool drink that is smoking! We are immediately interested and order one to ourselves. After we try the drink, it apparently doesn’t taste that amazing. Damn beverage presentation lol! We have to wait for another hour before they serve dinner (big meals). We have our dinner facing the vast ocean with wind blowing and a little bit venue-rocking because of the hitting waves. That is a quite good experience to have little bit shaky dinner and viewing sun setting before our eyes. We end up spending more than 3 hours in the restaurant knowing that we won’t be here again for a long time maybe.

We go back to our villa feeling full and happy and satisfied. But the realization hits really quick that we’re leaving tomorrow morning so we have to pack. After about 90% done, we dim the light and throw a nice warm bath. We have bath salt, bath bubble and our favorite sandalwood incense all in a good place.


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