Honeymoon Day 8: Last Day in Bali

We checkout from The Villas a little bit late as we want to absorb as much of it while we can. The whole place and the entire experience are forever burned in our mind.

We proceed to have lunch in Wahaha which is very famous for the pork ribs. Their pork ribs are so juicy and tender and the sauce is amazing too. While we’re in Bali, they’re just opening a new outlet in a small plaza not so far from Ayana complex, so we go to that one. Since it’s in a plaza, we think we can also spend time walking around while we wait for our flight in the afternoon.

So this new little plaza also has an outlet of Krisna oleh oleh shop, just the right place to find souvenirs for our family and friends. But because they’re brand new in that plaza, they don’t have much and we don’t find anything interesting in there. We walk around the plaza a little and get bored.

Because we still have some time, we move on to another mall that’s quite near to the airport which is Discovery Mall. This one is much bigger than that new little plaza we went to. On the way, we drop by to the main branch of Krisna shop and we get snacks and souvenirs for people back home. Milk pie (pie susu) is a quite popular item to go for souvenirs in here so Sherley buys a couple of boxes of it.

Once arrived at Discovery Mall, we check in our luggages to the concierge and we walk around the mall. It’s nothing much, just like any other mall in Bali. We get an incense holder, buy a melon milk drink and Sherley buys some clothes. There are some nice home decorations but we figure it’s gonna be to difficult to bring back in a plane. We spend the rest of the time there until it’s time to go to the airport for our flight back home.

This honeymoon is magical and amazing. When we tell people that we stay in Bali for 8 days, they are usually shocked and ask us if we get bored. That wonderment actually surprises us back because we don’t get bored at all and we wonder back why would they think that it’s gonna be boring. Guess they just never travel with someone as special as we are to each other. Cheers!


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