Europe Day 2 (Paris): Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame de Paris

Second day in Europe. Jacky’s sister has already booked a photographer from Sweet Escape to take pictures of her and her then-boyfriend (now fiancé) with Eiffel Tower as the typical background. The photographer is an Indonesian woman named Katerine. We are meeting with her at Cafe Kleber near the beautiful tower.

While the two lovebirds are enjoying their photoshoot, Jacky, the parents and I are trying hard (really hard!) to take good photos with the Eiffel too. I ask Jacky to take pictures of me with the tower and tell him to take a lot of them so I get to choose the better ones lol. We walk along the pathway to the tower in breezing cold winter winds. We see many girls (scammers?) trying to hand out some forms for people to sign. This seems like one of the scam tricks for them to pickpocket your wallet. We walk carefully around them.

We get in line to buy the tickets which cost EUR11 each. The line takes us to a vertical-moving big elevator where we ascend to the first floor of the tower. There, we look around at the magnificent view of Paris. The wind blows like crazy and freezes our face and hands. We buy some hot chocolate and hotdogs at the indoor cafe. Then, Jacky and I struggle one more time to get good photos by the fence.

Out of so many photos of us (or me) while we are in Eiffel, I cannot pick one good enough to be the feature image, so I have to suffice myself with this one from afar 😀

We continue the day with touring in the famous church Notre Dame de Paris. I personally admire the beautiful architecture and oh the sculptures. There just so many different statues on the wall welcoming us at the entrance. We have to stand in line too to get in.


Going inside, the place is dark with only some sunlight going through the beautifully stained window glass and some candles are dimly lit. There might have been some lamps but I’m not sure. Since it’s still in Christmas season, there is this big decoration of the nativity scene but added with some town people. They are so cute with the little bakers, little women taking water from the well and the tiny sheep. Some of these figurines can move too.

Now after going around the inside of the church and basking in the presence of the Lord (heh), we walk outside just to find that the parents are not with us anymore. Without internet connection, we can’t call or text them so we have to search manually. I’m waiting close to the exit door alone with some guy creeping near me (I think I might be too much into action movies which depict Paris as a highly criminal place). Jacky goes back inside to search for them. He comes out with the parents and we decide to let them rest in a cafe across the street.

The cafe is crowded with so many people but they are not eating, most of them are drinking wine or beer and so that’s what we do. I want to order just a glass of wine which we can share together (being cheap that I am) but the waiter tells me to order more because he sees that there are six of us. I end up ordering three different types of wine which he recommends best.

As some people might realize, going on a tour with parents is different than going only with young people with the spirit of “mbolang” (this is the term Indonesians use to represent the adventure-y activities, derived from the words “bocah” and “petualang” which literally mean adventure kid). After only two place we visit today, the parents are tired and want to go home to rest. A little bit traumatic with the dining experience yesterday, the parents do not want to go to another Parisian restaurants and they are looking for Chinese food instead. Unfortunately, there is none near our place. We go to Carrefour for a moment to get some dinner and breakfast for tomorrow. Jacky and I get ourselves some instant salmon rice.

Because we are not satisfied with the visits we have today, we decide on going out on our own that night. We go outside again just to walk around the neighborhood. The streets are busy with cars and the pathway is sprinkled with people walking briskly. We go around two blocks from our place and we visit a local drugstore just to look see.

The night is getting colder and we walk with his arm around my shoulders to keep me warm. It feels so lovely to walk around aimlessly with your loved one in this romantic city of Paris. We end the night going back to our place, take a hot shower and tuck ourselves in.


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